Oritron Electronics Corporation (India) is ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturers of  RF – Microwave Coaxial Connector and other Electronic Components and Gadgets in India.

Our product range covers more than 2500 different types of Coaxial Connectors in the range of BNC, TNC, N, UHF, SMA, SMB, DIN 7/16, HN, MHV, SHV, VHV, 1.6/5.6, Tri axial, Microdot type, LEMO, ODU,MCX, MMCX, QMA, ULF, BT43, F, FME Type etc.

Oritron also offer Passive Microwave Components such as

  • High Power Dummy Load,
  • Fixed and Variable RF Attenuator,
  • Directional Coupler, DC Block,
  • Splitter, Tapper, Bias Tee,
  • Feed Through Terminator etc.

Oritron Also offers High Quality & Low Loss Coaxial Cable for RF – Microwave Applications. Which includes RG 174, 316, 58, 59, 62, 8, 213, 214, LMR 195, 200, 400, 600, Flex and Super Flex cable, LDF4  etc.

For Domestic Purpose, Oritron offers Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner. Oritron has also introduced Digital Photo Frame, Video Balun for CCTV  into their product range.

ORITRON employs the Statistical Process Control Systems to ensure High-Quality products. With the experience of more than 48 years (1972- 2020)  in the field, ORITRON enjoys excellent control over production cost and hence is able to offer its customers High-Quality products at most reasonable rates.